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Exhibit Categories

Conveying Belt


General purpose conveyor belt: canvas conveyor belt, Steel cord conveyor belts, Straight conveyor belt


Flame-retarded conveying belt: Steel wire rope core flame retardant conveyor belt, Whole core flame retardant conveyor belt, general purpose flame-retardant fabric core conveyor belt, Laminated flame-retardant conveyor belt


Heat resistant, high temperature resistant conveyor belt


Special purpose conveyor belt: chemicals resistant conveyer belt, Oil resistant conveyor belt, Cold resistant conveyor belt


Tubular conveyor belt: Wire rope core tubular conveyor belt, Tubular fabric core conveyor belt


Light conveyor belts


Other conveyor belts: cycloconveyor belt, block conveyor belts, chevron conveyor belt


Driving belt


General purpose driving belts: ordinary V-belt(wrapped V belt, cut-edged v-belts), narrow V-belt, synchronous belt, poly V-belt, tight-up V belt, hexagonal belt


Automotive transmission belt: automotive V-belt (Cloth car V, Trimming car V belt), Auto Timing belt, Automotive V-ribbed belts


Agricultural machinery transmission belt, petroleum industry transmission belt: V belt, tight-up V belt, Joined narrow V-belts


Home Appliances and Transmission belt for precision instrument: V belt, poly V-belt, timing belt


Flame retardant antistatic V tape, flat transmission belt


Rubber shoes

Rubber hose

Automobile rubber hose: Automotive fuel hose, Automobile brake hose, Automobile cooling hose, Automobile air conditioning hose, Automobile power steering hose, Automobile turbocharged hose, Auto drainage hose


Agricultural hose, Oil industrial hose, Coal industrial hose, Marine hose, Airlines use hose, high-pressure rubber hose, General purpose rubber hose, Special purpose rubber hose


Adhesive tape and rubber coated fabric product

Adhesive tape and rubber coated fabric product


Industrial rubber products

Rubber seal: O-type ring, washer, sealing rubber strip, dust cover, gasket, gland sealing, oil seal


Rubber buffer: Rubber Mounts, Rubber air spring, rubber resilient coupling,  tire type clutch, Flexible rubber joint, Rubber fender, automobile rubber mounting, Rubber shock absorber for locomotive, hard rubber, rubber foam product, Rubber sheet and coil, Rubber roll and rubber blanket, Textile rubber products, Printing industrial rubber products, rubber lining, Electrical insulating rubber products, Asbestos and cork rubber products, adhesive rubber


Rubber living goods and latex products

Surgical rubber goods, Rubber products for contact with food, stationery and sporting goods and daily necessities