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2019-E-NEWS NO.06

News Express :

According to data released by the National Development And Reform Commission, the added value of the chemical industry increased by 3.6% in April, decreased by 1.2% points year on year. The output of synthetic rubber is increased by 6.5% and synthetic fiber increased by 12%. Production of rubber tires is decreased by 0.8%.

According to the 2018 statistical bulletin on the development of the transport industry, the total length of highways nationwide reached 4,864,500 kilometers at the end of 2018, an increase of 73,100 kilometers over the previous year. Highway maintenance mileage totaled 4,757,800 kilometers, accounting for 98.2% of the total highway mileage. The length of expressways is 142,600 kilometers.

According to the General Administration of Customs of China, NR and SR (including latex) imports for May 2019 reached 507,000 tons. NR and SR (including latex) imports from January to May reached 2,635,000 tons. In terms of inventory, as of May 10, the previous period of NR inventory 429,800 tons, the inventory is still high.

Recently, the municipal government of Yicheng, Hubei Province, publicized a tire and rubber comprehensive utilization project. The public tire project is invested and constructed by Yicheng Huaxin Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. The total investment of Huaxin carbon plan is 50,000,000RMB and the annual disposal of 40,000 tons of waste tires is completed. It can produce 18,000 tons of fuel oil, 14,000 tons of carbon black and 3,000 tons of steel wire.

On June 5, the responsible person of Huawei Cloud visited the Mesnac Co., Ltd. and discussed and exchanged views on the construction of regional high-end intelligent manufacturing platform, industrial software development and application of artificial intelligence technology, as well as government project cooperation. Huawei cloud will combine the advantages of Mesnac in tire production, automation equipment, robots and other manufacturing products and solutions, and jointly build the leading intelligent manufacturing solutions based on cloud service model in China.

Beijing, June 15 - the "2019 China Green Tire Safety Week and Health Run", held by the China rubber industry association, opens at the Olympic Forest Park. Nine tire brands including Sailun, Zhongce, Linglong, etc., meet with more than 1000 marathon enthusiasts for green and safety.

▲kumho and Double Star work together, high-end brand layout of the Chinese market. On June 19, Kumho Tire grandly held the launch of 2019 Majesty brand and the new Kumho tire product launch conference in Nanjing. Since joining hands with Shuangxing Group in July 2018, Kumho Tire has been revitalized and launched with high-end best-selling brands and new product matrix.
▲The overseas investment project of Himile Mechanical Science and Technology (Shandong) Co., Ltd. was put on record by relevant departments not long ago. In addition to the second phase of the new tire mold project of Thai factory, the construction of projects in Indonesia and India were also approved successively. After the completion of the above projects, Himile will have 5 professional tire mold manufacturing and maintenance service companies in the United States, Europe, Thailand, Indonesia and India, which indicates that Himile's "going out" international strategy is becoming more stable.
▲On June 26, World Brand Lab released the 2019 China 500 most valuable brands list in Beijing. Double Star, Linglong, Sailun, Chaoyang, Fengshen, Double Coin, Qianlima, Advance and other tire brands are among them.
On June 26, the Shandong Federation of Industry and Commerce announced the "2019 Shandong Top 100 Private Enterprises" list. There are 4 tire enterprises in the above list. They are: Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd., Wanda Holding Group Co., Ltd., Huaqin Rubber Industry Group Co., Ltd., and Selun Group Co., Ltd.